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Darmaga Sundaa Special Restaurant

Curhat | Thursday, 20 Oct 2022, 16:38 WIB

Darmaga Sunda has been in business for a long time and it is a combination of tourist attraction and culinary destination. Darmaga Sunda Bandung, now one of the Sunda culinary destinations in Bandung, is perfect for a vacation with family

Darmaga Sunda provides special food as Sunda Cuisine. Apart from the restaurant, Darmaga Sunda also offers various fun and entertaining facilities for tourists, especially small children, such as mini rickshaws, swan boats, and artificial waterfalls, especially for those who love taking selfies. Another iconic thing about this restaurant is that this restaurant is in a place shaped like a boat, like moored on a pier, and this place is very popular in Nager Sunda Pier.

Darmaga Sunda entrance ticket is free, anyone can access this place. Basically the concept of Dermaga Sunda restaurant, carries Sundanese ethnic nuances, from various interiors and exteriors that are installed, it looks unique, adding a very interesting atmosphere, especially the characteristics of a ship that is anchored surrounded by a lake so that visitors feel they are on a real ship, a view of the mountains and rice fields and artificial cliffs make visitors interested in taking selfies.

There are two dining areas in Dermaga Sunda Nagreg, indoor and outdoor, both of which can be used. The indoor dining area is like a restaurant with several rows of large and comfortable tables and chairs. The advantage here is that there is always live music to enjoy because it is closer and more interactive if you have a good enough voice to contribute songs directly to sing.

In my opinion, what is very interesting about the Sunda Nagar Marina, i.e. the outdoor area, is that there is a gazebo on the lake opposite the boat, which is the hallmark of this restaurant and feels more airy and relaxed seating, close to the waterfall and artificial rocks. I prefer the gazebo and highly recommend it to my friends to eat lecekhan by the lake where from time to time there are kids playing in swan boats or mini rickshaws. Yes, friends, you are right, there is a children's playground already provided and rented in this place, which is small but quite entertaining.


From Monday to Friday : 08.00 a.m. - 22.00 p.m.

From Saturday to Sunday : 08.00 AM - 23.00 PM

Long Weekend / National Holiday: 24 Hours (Conditional)

To get more information, you can visit


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